Erosion Control and Prevention

Erosion prevention and control is crucial for maintaining the condition of the construction site and also for reducing any environmental impact that the project may have. Johnson & Lesley prioritizes the minimization of temporary construction-related erosion and sediment control throughout the duration of all our projects by using a combination of land management strategies and erosion solutions. 

Initial demolition and excavation on the project site disrupts a significant amount of soil. Given the unpredictable nature of weather and other external elements, that unsettled earth poses a challenge to sediment control. It is imperative that erosion prevention and control measures are implemented at the beginning of the construction phase to avoid both added time and expense. The Johnson & Lesley team incorporates sediment control into its planning phase prior to initiating any earthwork and grading work.

Johnson & Lesley’s erosion control and prevention measures include:

We employ best practices for Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP) to help control erosion and minimize chemicals and other pollutants from entering stormwater. Simply put, the Johnson & Lesley team will implement and maintain all erosion control and prevention solutions throughout the duration of the project to mitigate unwanted traveling sediment from entering our water systems and clogging our storm drainage systems. Plus, our project managers will closely inspect the worksite after inclement weather events to ensure all control mechanisms remain intact and confirm that additional measures are not needed. 

erosion control and prevention

Upon completion of the construction phase, Johnson & Lesley will establish long-term erosion control and prevention solutions to stabilize the surrounding graded areas of the project site, from topsoil application to planting natural vegetation, such as sod, mulch and seed. It’s yet another example of how Johnson & Lesley is a trusted partner for general contractors, developers, and governmental entities from start to finish.

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