Earthwork & Grading

Earthwork and grading are a key component for every project’s success. During this critical phase, our team collaborates with our clients to determine how best to meet goals and their deadlines going forward. Once our client’s goal is set, it becomes our goal, as well.

While every project is different, we take the same methodical steps to ensure we deliver your earthwork and grading project on time and on budget. Our grading services ensure the soil quality, land topography, and surrounding environmental factors are configured correctly for the scope of each project. Simply put, if you want your next earthwork or grading project done right, you’re in the right place.

Johnson & Lesley’s earthwork and grading services include:

Johnson & Lesley also offers demolition services and pre-existing structure removal in order to clear and excavate the project site. Once the project site is cleared, compacted and graded to specification, our team can install any asphalt and/or concrete application your project might call for. Regardless of the scope of the project, throughout all phases, we comply with all zoning, local, environmental and other regulatory restrictions and requirements.

We combine the latest technology along with years of industry knowledge to ensure accurate and efficient results that ultimately save our clients both time and money. Johnson and Lesley’s thorough approach also allows the identification of cost-saving opportunities for our clients. By collaborating initially and throughout the entirety of the project, we deliver results that keep earthwork and grading projects moving forward.

earthwork and grading

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